The green triangle thread

I looove gts yall! I can get into a gt 6 ways now. From a double or nothing. A regular gt intro. A one and a half mount. This cool lay in whip i made up. A laceration. And a cool little string flip thing. Appreciate the gt yall

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can you do the multiple wrist mount ones?

Can you do a regular cross arm GT? And the tower to GT is also nice. Im into 5A so I also have a few ones there like Bukos green triangle

I made on up that I call the Grinding Ninja. You whip the string like a Ninja Vanish but instead of letting the yoyo land in the loop of string, you do a short finger grind. Then you let it fall off your finger and make it land in the loop.

Don’t forget the Eiffel tower GT!

Some guy said that earlier, but what every.

Brent Stole anybody?

I cant do any of those please post tuts

I am here:
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Just learned the eiffel tower on haha that was my first eiffel tower ever lol

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I got more ways now but here is an old video of mine.

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I invented one call pinch slack trapeze GT. you land the yoyo on the string like a trapeze put pinch it do there is a lot of slack hanging down. Then u pop it off the string and land it in that slack

learned a sweet suicide like way to get in from Rethinkyoyo, part of a long trick…

I have been working on getting this one more consistently.

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That’s a nice one to throw into the end of combos. Looks really slick.

GT’s are my fav thing to do… i can land into one from almost every trick i do and even more when i mess up!

Just learned this one


Thanks for the vid man. That’s a cool trick. Just learned it :slight_smile:

Just learned this, took me all of a few minutes to get it down too! Thanks for the video link

I cant get that one

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Don’t forget bear attack