green triangle tricks?

i can do the normal green triangle laceration, and was wondering if there were any tricks that come off green triangle?

Most tricks that involve a GT end with the GT. I mean, this doesn’t always apply, it’s just what you’ll usually see. Try some different GT suicides.

Their aren’t many tricks that begen with them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your gt laceration. There’s is nothing wrong with doing a gt laceration and then just popping out. But gt barrel rolls is kinda fun.

Second variation starts with a reverse-landed Brent Stole.

the green triangle laceration isnt the only way too get into their are over a dozen ways to get into a green triangle

Ninja vanish

Try exiting the gt without popping out. Underpass once and exiting on whatever string corresponding to the side you would be popping out. should open it up into some fake knot stuff. Quite fun

GT Suicides for the win :slight_smile: always fun to add in there.

I finally nailed this, this morning. It made my day :smiley:

ninja vanish is one of the first tricks i got consecutive. i saw it and NEEDED to learn it. really cool trick to do.

also GT suicides are my new favorite trick. i mastered them a few days ago and havnt been able to stop! took me a month of trying to get it right… but i cant do a Trapeze suicide

I fell the same way about Ninja Vanish and GT Suicides. Trap Suicides are great too, but your string tension has to be spot on or you can forget getting your finger in the loop. ;D