ummmm... how did i... wat

So I was going for a Ninja Vanish but somehow this happened… does anyone want to make a tutorial so i can do this again? Lol

That is a Double Green Triangle. Dude, do that again, and make sure you remember what you did. That looks so awesome.

Please, though, somebody make a tut.

Yeah it happens occasionally, not sure i’ve ever seen anyone who could do it regularly and purposefully though, although i’m sure someone can.

I’m gonna try that. I think I know how to do it. I just have to practice.

There is a tutorial for the trick, but not the laceration version.

Do a trapeze, open up the loop, stick your TH arm through, grab the string coming from you TH and do a roll, but don’t roll on anything and drop the loop off your TH arm.

So yeah :-\

I’ve seen Reggie Dias do it on demand, so it can definitely be done. In fact, he tried to teach it to me but I’m a numpty and couldn’t wrap my head around it. Alas, I don’t think Reggie is a forum user (if he is, I don’t know his username!).

Could you ask him to make a tutorial on YouTube and send it to you? Then you can post it on the forums.

I suppose I can ask. Can’t make any promises, though!

He says he’ll do his best to film a video of it, and also had this to say:

No saying if that’s exactly what you did “by accident” here, but that’s the consistently-reproducible way. I’ve done it “by accident” a few times, too, but reproducible methods are the key. :smiley:

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it happened to me once and i filmed it! but its low quality…
and the thing he said to you it isnt what happened to me…

I agree-- I’m sure that’s not what happened to me, either. But this way will be reproducible. Ninja Vanish to double-GT is going to be a cool trick to learn. :wink:

It’s actually pretty easy you just do a ninja vanish then you grab the string in your TH finger through the green triangle loop you can also do it from a wrist mount

I have done this ONCE,but never again

I made a tutorial. Sorry if it is hard to see and my failed attempts at ninja vanish lol  :smiley:


Pretty awesome, man! I’mma crib that wrist mount one.

Knowing the string that needs grabbing, doing it all in one motion would simply (ha ha, “simply”!) involve plucking that string the way demonstrated, but while it’s still a loop in the air and hasn’t dropped to the GT yet.

yeah I guess I could try it that way too, but it’s gonna take practice :D. But yeah the wrist mount one is easier to do more fluently haha. Anyways I’m glad that it helped!

I’ve done this by accident a good few times. One time, I actually did it trying to do a brent stole, as far as I can remember, and I still have no clue how. I’ll see if I can learn how to do this with a ninja vanish on command now, though. It shall be a challenge. :smiley:

So I guess this thread needs some Ann Connolly…  :smiley: :wink:

There’s lots of ways to get into a double triangle, that was never a debate, the question is getting it from a whip or laceration which is where it gets hard.

That also happens to me and when I try to duplicate it

It never works

This has been the documentary of the elusive double green triangle ninja vanish