Miyagi Green Triangle

omg this move is SOOO cool. but i can figure out how its done, even with highspeed breakdown. when i do it, i drop the corrisponding string after the ninja vanish like grab. then boom, im in a green triangle im not able to jump out of on either side. my string goes around the yoyo so no jumping off period. i dont see how the rubbing helps either. can anyone please help me with this trick?
-----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmIL3s19OkU
here is the trick (above)

I’m assuming the rubbing doesn’t help at all, its just there to be flashy.

Think of it just as a double or nothing wrapped ninja vanish

Haha… great “party” trick, as I like to call it. Cause it blows peoples minds. Like the Augie’s snap to triangle, gyro flop, etc…

Ok… think houdini mount… string goes around NTH thumb, around TH pointer, hook your pointer so string goes nowhere, then string drapes over NTH. Make a GT motion up and over all these strings and catch the yo-yo in a GT. Drop the string that is now looped around your NTH pointer. Now… fold your hands together and “rub” them together(you are just releasing the string held in your TH. Pull your hands apart and you are left with a GT. Pop the yo-yo out the FRONT and into a trapeze. Enjoy!

I think this video is a little better also. Good luck!

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  • I meant “make a Ninja Vanish motion,” not a GT motion… facepalm Sorry.