weird trick

did anyone invent a trick that is like this: a green triangle and then they pull the strings to make it a trapeze? i just done that trick and i’m thinking did i just invent a trick?

Well, a lot of people do this. To be honest, I don’t think that’s really a trick, but rather a way to simply dismount a green triangle. However, if you add some more moves in there, it might become your own trick!

no, it’s not a green triangle. you can drop the yoyo and never get a knot. i said i pulled my hands apart and never moved the yoyo.

Sounds like a faux gt to me

I’m confused… ???

ok, it LOOKS LIKE a green triangle, but when i pull my hands apart, the knot thing on my weird triangle comes apart and then, i’m on a trapeze

Its called a red triangle

No, when you drop a red triangle, then the yo-yo just drops. It doesn’t go back to a trapeze.

I don’t really know the trick then. Maybe you did make it up.

D’you think you can make a video?

where, from a trapeze, you stick your off hand through and then grab the string attached to your throwhand? pull that through and you have a triangle that will not make a knot. Is that what you mean or something else?

That’s a red triangle, and no, that’s not what he means. I know what he means, but I have no idea how to do it or explain how to do it.

This video explains the most basic way of getting into an RT, and a slight variation of that method.

forget what i said before. this is what happened: there is a weird thing, then when i drop my TH index finger, a triangle that LOOKS LIKE a green triangle will be there. the knot on the triangle will get loose when i pull it and then, the knot on the triangle drops so there is a trapeze

OMG FINE!!! here’s da video
(skip to 0:07 if you want)

Cool! Looks like a new trick to me. :slight_smile: How do you do it?

I’ve done that before, it’s a slip knot. Or something like that. :smiley:

Same here…

Yeah, it’s not that new.

I don’t know who originally made it up but, congrats on figuring it out!