green triangle help

i need help with the green triangle. it keeps knotting up when i pop it up

What do you mean “knotting up”?

Is it an axle knot, or one on the string?

If its an axle knot, you have to pop it off the string. If its one just on the string, you pop it the other way. Whhat way you pop it varies between each Green Triangle.

There is a trick to it.

You don’t pop the yoyo straight up into the air, you pop it slightly toward yourself.

Or farther away from yourself depending on the GT.

Yes, thank you. ;D

from what mount are you doing the GT:
Wrist whip=pop out the back
Wrist mount=pop out the back
Eiffel Tower=pop out the back
Ninja vanish=pop out the front
Brent Stole=pop out the front

we have to know from what your doing so we can tell you where to pop out or you can experiment by rouself

i’m actually not sure
i just know that i go from a trapeze, the around my throwhand wrist and onto the back string, and finally let go of the loop around the wrist

Pop out the back ;). Also to find out look at the loop that creates the GT. The frontmost string will tell you which way you pop out, if it ends up on the back then pop out the back and vice versa.

Like Shisaki said, you have to pop out the back. The way you’re doing it is from a Wrist Whip Mount.