Green Triangle Help.

The very first green triangle you learn when the trapeze brother goes over wrist. when I try to pop it up out of the green triangle, it grabs the string and hauls off into my right hand. Any ideas? YYJ Theory I use and my my friend Mctron lubed it 2 weeks ago and Ive thrown it regularly so it cant be that either, string is fine too. Its frustrating! Please help! Thanks for any suggestions. :slight_smile:

Sounds like something is wrong with the bearing to me.


Have you put in new response recently? Does the response look like it is in place? If you throw a sleeper and pop the yoyo into the air, does it grab the response and return? Or, does it just do it when you try to pop out of the green triangle?

just green triangle. and I havent put new response on lately unless my friend did because I traded my phenomizm for the theory.

Does it try to bind while the yoyo is in the air on the pop, or when it’s landing on the string?

when the yoyo gets even with the main string that had the string going over it while being popped back up.

Maybe try pulling the string a little bit with your non-throw hand when you pop the yoyo out, to eliminate any slack in the string.

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Thats it!

Great! Glad I could help. :slight_smile: