trouble with plastic whip to gyro flop to green triangle combo

Hello all!

Last time I posted on here I was having trouble with hop the fence… and now I can do plastic whip and stuff! It is so amazing to see progress :slight_smile:

Anyways, I am having issues with this combo. I am right handed, so I throw a breakaway, then I plastic whip, while in plastic whip I grab the two right most strings (the loop on the right hand side of my thumb, and the string attached directly to my middle finger via the string loop) with my right hand, and then grab the left most (inner-most) string with my left hand. I then pull the string(s) taught to perform gyro flop.

I ensure that the gyroscopic flop is causing the yoyo to spin towards me (clockwise if standing on the left of the string), I allow it to spin 360 degrees. After all of this is completed, I let slack into the string, and I grab the string that is attached to my middle finger throw hand. I pull it through the loop that was caused by the plastic whip / gyro flop. This now puts me into a Green Triangle.

Once I am in the green triangle, I have difficulty doing anything with it really because the yoyo binds if i move any of the string or the yoyo. I haven’t applied any lubrication to the yoyo lately so I don’t think that is the problem.

I am using orange 100% polyester string, and my current yoyo is a YYF Protostar.

when I am doing the GT I am holding my middle finger on my throw hand straight out, and holding the other side of the loop / string with my right thumb. If I put any real slack or tension in the string it start feeding into the gap. I have tried to jump the yoyo out of the GT, by bouncing it off of the bottom string, but this usually makes it bind. As much as this makes the ‘cleanup’ of this combo easy because i get an insta-bind… I don’t really feel like I am able to display the green triangle that well, and it doesn’t let me dismount into a trapeze and have a formal finale by rip cording into a bind or whatever method.

If my question isn’t quite clear, I am asking how I can avoid the binding of my yoyo, or what can i do from the GT to still end clean without the random bind at the end? Over all, I just want to display the GT and then wrap up the trick.

Thank you for the suggestions guys!

If you’re let’s say in a trapeze and grab the string and put it between the loop then that’s not a GT and you’re bound to snag in that position

its not a trapeze, it is definitely a green triangle.

I say “I pull it through the loop made by the gyro / plastic whip” and what I am trying to convey is that the string is already technically threaded through the loop due to this combo, so I am really just lifting a lower piece of the string up in order to create the green triangle. Technically the yoyo is already in a flattened condensed green triangle. So I have to life the string up and out in order to create it. I said " pull it through the loop" to help give dimension to the actuality of what is happening, since I don’t just pluck it out of the gap, because that is not what I do. I hope that helps to clarify. I laid out my exact steps for performing this so if you need to try it out yourself, or have the yoyo dead you can lay it out and see what I am trying to say :-/