how to exit this ``double triangle`` ?

Hello ! i recently started doing my own trick and going wild from a double or nothing,i am now stuck into that : it looks like a double green triangle-ish thing,the first small triangle have to be poped by the back to get into the bigger one that is popped by the front to get into a trapeze but i can’t get off the first triangle without wrapping the string around my wrist and grabbing the second triangle so it looks really bad.if it matters, i am lefthanded

Idk maybe try and throw in the opposite direction

you gotta kinda pinch the strings and then move your arms around

none of the sugestions makes sense in my head ???

Same as normal green triangle. Depending on how you get there you have to pop towards or away from you. I think in fact its called double gt 'cause of this.
Sometimes you will seem to get a knot, but just pull away and it dissapears. To pop it you have to open the triangle a little bit, pop it and literally take away all the strings very fast because you don’t have much space to work with.
Check this tutorial by Ann Connolly:

what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

thank you ,i would have prefer something more fancy that woulg gert me directly into a trapeze but it does the job

lol, now teach me your ways

The true trick I think its to pop, disarm the knot and land on the string. The most tricky part is to disarm the double GT without getting a knot.

I didn’t see the reply,but a tip on the double triangle,don’t “pop” out, do more of a rejection-like manuver

The way I do it is i grab the smaller triangle by the side closest to my TH. Then I hop the yoyo out of the smaller triangle. If a “knot” forms, just pull on both side of the string and it’ll disappear. (Making the knot disappear is actually my favorite part of the trick)