GT suicide??

I just landed this trick. Has anyone else done this. ???

I have its really easy if you know a regular suicide

In my opinion, GT suicides are easier to catch than normal suicides, but they’re risky to miss.

True and do these have another name?

As far as I know, no. I could be wrong, though.

Agreed I just wanted to know… they are easier than normal suicides because the loop stays open. Reallllllllllyyyyyyyy easy

They just look cooler, and yes, they are easier in my opinion too.

I’m just learning Suicide now. Where can i find what a GT Suicide is? Since you peoples say it’s easier, i wanna try. :]

Well take a normal suicide… but do a green triangle first… then pop out of the triangle after you catch the suicide.

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i have plenty of times

well i am learning suicide and i cant seem to keep the loop from disappearing so i never get the chance to catch it. any help?

YOu gotta really push your theowhand close to the yoyo to open up the loop.

Yeah. It’s pretty easy if you have good tension, and have your suicides down. Be careful though. If you miss it, you’ll have one heck of a know.

Yeah, GT suicides are risky, so that is why I do red triangle suicides. The look stays open and you won’t get a knot if you drop it. :wink:

But the reason why you do a GT suicide is because it adds flair onto the end of a trick that ends with a GT. Doing an RT suicide is redundant.

red triangle? how do i do one? tutorial?

The last part around 0:31 is a red triangle. You can just drop it as shown in the video.

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i have done it