newest trick

title says it all

thumb grind :slight_smile:

gt suicide

Got 2, technically.

Yuuki Slack

And Whut

ooh ill try that… (lets hope i dont drop ;D

It’s not hard :slight_smile: The loop for me is always huge. As long as you can do suicides, you’ll have no problem

Good luck :slight_smile:

And, Mondial’s my latest.

I find GT suicide easier than reg lol. only prob is if you drop… well

Reverse follow.

Exactly why I only do them w/ somewhat “perfect” tension :slight_smile:

for me, black hop.

well, i mainly ditch trick that i can’t do and moving along. But sometimes, i wana get back and relearn it.
seasick is still impossible to me.

kamikaze and black triangle

buddha’s revenge