Challenge : Suggest a new trick for me


Hi folks:

I feel the need to get inspired by yoyo again. I’ve been pretty stagnant in my development for the past year and I want to rediscover the excitement I felt when I was first learning a couple of years ago.

So here’s my self induced challenge: Suggest a trick for me and I’m going to do my best to learn it.

My skill set is such that the hardest tricks I can do right now are:
And Whut
Lotus Bloom
White Buddha
Hidemasa hook (I can hit it about 50% of the time)
Zammy’s “Like a boss”
Candy Rain

I think that puts me solidly in the intermediate range, but probably not very advanced.

What do you suggest?


10 suicides in a row


Reverse hook


Skin the Gerbil.
Fake out.
Rancid Milk.



soiled panties:



whenever ive felt stagnant, a new style helps a ton. I am not great w 5a but I find that when I switch it up, i bring some of those movements back to 1a and come up w/ new stuff.

also try learning new whips and stuff like brent stole, double hooks, etc.


Challenge Accepted!

Last Night I started working on my suicides. I was able to get 3 in a row but 10 is going to take a while.

I found a video on the reverse hook. That looks interesting. I’m going to give that a try tonight as well.

Thanks for the inspiration. ;D