Green Triangle Add Ons

What can you do from a green triangle other than dismount?

uhh… make stuff up. just experiment, see what happens. lol

What ever you can think up.

i do suicides and try to do make it into a heart but u have to try all kinds of things :smiley: goood luck man

Suicide, grind thru triangle, folds… with just a couple passes, string switches and mounts you can form towers, hearts, double triangles, etc.

It’s really just trying many different things.


think of everything you can think of. multiply by infinity. there is your answer

barrel rolls and boing e boing

you can do an iron whip but with the triangle. thus its a -triangle whip

That’s your answer right there. The only thing limiting you is the fact that u think nothing else is possible

Triangle whip, that’s my favorite… same as iron whip just outta green triangle instead. It’s fun, and looks super cool.

When I do green triangles I trapeze then dismount all the way around my wrist, then slip it down into the triangle and dismount bringing the yoyo towards me. Is there any quicker/ cooler way to do a gt while still dismounting with the yoyo towards myself?

Triangle Laceration (wrist whip variant).

i know an Eiffel tower from green triangle

Potrusion. GT suicides

can you post??

i have a whole trick where you end up in a gt and i wanted to extend it so i came up with something out of the gt. You can do rolls and all kinds of stuff. Just remember that in yoyoing you are never limited on any type of formation, so just screw around and see what you can do!

High speed yoyo has a ninja vanish to tower ping pong tutorial…