green trianle

does anyone know any cool ways to get into a green triangle i know the simple way and ninja vanish and a few ones that i have created but i was wondering of anyone had any other cool ways and maybe even a youtube tutorial

for anyone that helps thx

Yup, did one from a Trapeze earlier.

I know all these:

and many more

Those first 2 links (Guy with the blue background tutorials as I refer to on here)…not sure if it’s wise to post other store related stuff on here. Granted it’s not a link to their actual store front, it’s one of their videos promoting the online shop.

I hate to say this because this won’t be the answer you’re looking for, but there are probably over a million ways to get into a triangle. Not even exaggerating.

Just keep playing around with your tricks. Be creative and step outside the box. I’m sure you’ll find a really cool way into a triangle in no time. :slight_smile:

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yeah i have some cool weird ways i have one with my arm and one that looks like you got a knot in your yoyo pretty cool name too

That’s great! Keep up the good work! ;D