Tricks from a Triangle?

Ok so I’m working on something where I get into a Triangle. I know normally I can hop out into a Trapeze but I feel like there’s too many Trapeze’s in my combo already and think adding a 3rd one may get too repetitive. Is there anything I can do from a triangle, like any other mounts? I’m pretty new to the whole combo/trick creation process outside of Gerbils, Matrix, Buddha’s Revenge. Any videos out there that may spark my imagination as I feel like I hit a creative block from here :slight_smile:

Isaac Nozick has a trick called knot theory that goes into a triangle and you could take whatever he does after the triangle and stuff its a pretty cool lookin trick and sorry if i messed up on the copy paste its likely

You can underpass the yoyo in a triangle to get to a weird kind of twisted looking trapeze thing where many tricks are possible.

Just take your nonthrowhand with the triangle on your finger and, without dismounting it, move it underneath the yoyo so it moves onto a different string segment. If you do this correctly, you should find yourself in the mount I described. :slight_smile:

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Two really cool tricks from a green triangle are: Ping Pong, and Angry Birds. Yoyo Whack has a pretty good tutorial for those tricks on Youtube. Unfortunately though, the tricks only work if your hopping out of the triangle from the front.