dismounting green triangle?

how do I dismount a green triangle into a trapeze for and whut?
I can pretty much do the full trick, just the only thing I can’t do is land a trapeze from the green triangles.
like I can dismount them normally, but not into a trapeze.

well, i like to end in a 1.5 mount without it hitting the top string, pop in from the inside and guide it over the top string onto the bottom string to land in an unmounted 1.5 or, do the samething and drop your TH to land in a trapeze

You see two triangles. The top and bottom. So it’s kinda like 2 boomerangs.

The yoyo is on the bottom the the 2nd triangle. Pop the yoyo on the TOP of the 2nd triangle.

And pop off the back. IDK, just test it out.

The first time somebody showed me a GT/dismount, I thought I’d never be able to do it. Now I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed. You just have to try it a ton of times. I know that’s not really “helpful” but it’s the best advice I’ve got.

idk what other people do but i just land it into a twisted trapeze and his brother mount