red gt dismount

are there any other ways to dismount a red triangle besides just dropping it

I dont think there are any conventional or well-known ways, but I’m sure you could dismount the way you came in.

good idea :slight_smile: but dont u think that would be a little hard

I suppose so. But may I ask whats wrong with the normal way? :slight_smile:

theres nothing wrong with the normal way but i just wanted to know if there was any other ways

fling it up in the air and catch it in trapeze.

do i fling it from the back or the front

whichever way just try it :wink:

Lol, I just drop it.

PS OldSchool is gonna poopy you for using that Icon… well it’s “His”

No, you cant pop it out from the front or the back.
Just swing it to the side, and land it on the string like in skin the gerbil, but make sure that it goes around your middle finger, then drop the pointer finger. Then, you will be in a middle finger trapeze.

I take mine, and swing it around once, then toss it up. You can also do a suicide, but catch the string outside the triangle and it’ll fall into trapeze.