What to buy?

So if you’ve checked the latest on the yyf mystery box forum you may have seen that I won!
First I want to thank yye for giving me this opportunity and second I want to ask you guys what I should buy with this $55 gift card
My current favorite yoyo is the mono edge(kedge(ko’olou)) and I usually like wide yoyos like the Marco so if you guys have any suggestions for throws just throw them out here my limit for price will probably be no more than 150 but the cheaper the better

If you don’t already have an Edge, it looks like it already ticks all the boxes for you. 46.76mm wide, not too expensive!

Edit: I just realized who you are, I know you already have an Edge.

Alta, or buy the Edge beyond when it comes out

Recess Charm would be my first suggestion. For wider yo-yos over 45mm I’d take a look at all of these too:

Yeah I’ve used an Alta and it’s nice but I’m kinda wanting to try the smaller less mainstream companies like sf or 2sick

Yeah I’ve heard good things about all of those but I’m wanting to try more smaller companies yoyos I could definitely get a charm, breeze (even though it’s pricey) or dominator but I’ve been told I should try to get a cadence or bliss (which would be hard seeing as they sell out fast) and a 2sick Olympiad but I’m leaning more towards bliss, Olympiad, or the edge beyond when that comes out thanks for the good suggestions!!

Yeah I was just listing some wider yo-yos I enjoy, but if you want smaller company and not quite so wide, then the 2sick Olympiad is a great choice choice. Bliss will be harder to find, but that’s a fun one too!

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There are two bliss-es for sale on the #buy-sell-trade RIGHT NOW @sittingmilk :wink:

I’m afraid the gift card he won isn’t good on the buy sell trade. :grin:

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Yeah but good luck buying a bliss anywhere, ever… sells out in one minute.

Yeah that’s what I’m afraid of. I’m planning on holding on to it for a little bit and if I don’t make up my mind before the restock I’ll try to buy that and if I’m too late I’ll just probably get the Olympiad or an Abduction