what to buy with 30$

i only get 30$ a week for chore money.what yoyo and excessorys should i buy

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yes. :smiley:

Save it until you NEED it.

30 dollars a week? Wow thats a lot.
Save it until you need it.

just think next week you could buy a better yoyo and the next week you could buy an even better yoyo. so yah save dont go of and spend the second you get it

If I made 30 bucks a week, I would have a whole colection of Dv888s In like half a year lol. Don’t waste 30 bucks on a 30 dollar yoyo when next week you can have a fundametal.

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Save it…I didn’t get money if I did chores…my parents made me work hard…lol

Your lucky…

It depends what your preferences are, and what skill level you want. If I got $30 a week, I’d save and get a YYJ Bi-Metal, most likely the atmosphere.

lucky i make like 15 to 20 bucks a week

This is true.

If I were you, I would take his advice.

Well said.

Umm, $4 a week? Yep, that’s me. :frowning:

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Or wait a month and buy a YYF Metal. Wait…

30 X 52 = $1560!!!

i just found out that the 30$ dollars a week was a limited time thing now i only get 15$ a week.should i still save my money?

Saving money is good. :smiley:
A month can get you a high end yo-yo.
Like the new campfire!
at least you get allowance ahha.

yea save it to get a metal or something and how was it limited

Wow :o 15 dollars a month i get seven but like most people said save your money and buy a nice metal

G5 Warrior

Of course you should!

Think about it like this…

You’ve already got $30 to your name. Now, at $15 a week, in one month’s time you’ll be sitting at $90. That’s a good chunk of change, and will get you into almost anything you want. Just another week or two will put you at $105 or $120 respectively. I’m sure if you’re just a few bucks short on something nice your folks would pitch in.

So, you’ve got the fundaMetals line from YYF! How about CLYW’s new Campfire? YYJ’s ENEME? The new OD Dingo? A CLYW Peak? The world is yours.