$300 for yoyo(s)?

This isn’t asking for advice but rather if you had $300 what would you buy. Would you buy one single yoyo or go and buy a bunch of “budget” yoyos? Or for the people who have bought something in this price range, what was the yoyo, why did you buy it, and why do you like/dislike it?

Mostly string and response pads. In fact that is probably all I would buy. New throws don’t interest me much anymore.

Citizen for sure. In fact, I am going to try to buy one today!

300 worth of yoyos. Not a single yoyo.

If I knew exactly what I was looking for and it existed I’d drop 300 for 1. If I had no idea what I liked and wanted a good cross section… probably grab all the benchmarks and keep the change.

I’d probably grab x3 $100 yoyos or x2 $150 yoyos. Maybe a X3 Stampede and another One Drop.

Exactly, thought I was the only one.

Maybe I’ll get a random Magicyoyo/YYA/anything that has specs to my liking fo less than $50, maybe I got two for that price, then use the rest to buy a new guitar or something.

Probably get another sleipnir, 3 pulsefires (competition set) and a set of raiders and a flight.

$300? I am going to buy a computer!