What to buy next


Hey Guys,

I am wondering what yoyo i should get next. But I do have a few preferences. I want to try a new brand. I already own several yoyo Jams (Kickside, Lyn Fury, SR-71), a duncan freehand 2, and a Yuuksta. And I am wondering where to go from here. I really like the feel of the larger SR-71 and the kickside. I enjoy the undersized play but I am leaning towards a full size. But something that maybe plays a tad different…

Price range: anywhere around to the $100 mark
Style: mainly 1A with the occasional failed attempt at 5A
Skill Level: most difficult trick I can do is Spirit Bomb
Why I want a new yoyo: I enjoy playing new yoyos

Thanks :slight_smile:


I would say errd 4xl, or Hspin Gorylla 411, for 2 reasons: One, they are in between undersized and full sized at 52 mm, and 2 I have both of them up for sale on eBay :wink:


I would check out the super wide yoyos if you are looking for something different, and most of them are around 100 dollars.