What Yo-yo should I purchase?

I do not know what. I have $70 to buy but I can save up $20 more to buy a G5. What do you think? :wink:

wrong section

I’m tired of these super vague posts.

What size do you like? Do you like your yoyos to play fast or floaty? Shape preference?

At least he gave us a budget…

it says your favorite yoyo is 888x so you will probably not like the g5 because of its H shape try something else that looks similar to it

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If you have the 888x already, it is a pretty good beast. You might wanna try out some other high end companies like One Drop or CLYW in which case could be the Y-Factor. Heard it’s a great yoyo but you gotta save 5 more bucks. Or a Yuuksta, but it has a step down H-Shape as it’s a totally different shape than others. Yuuksta is 5 bucks lower than 70, but it’s definitley worth the price.