What throw under $50 should everyone have in a collection


What throw under $50 do you think every collector should have??


Depends on the collector.

Everyone is different. There’s no real right or wrong answer. I would say though that we should all have a FHZ, preferably modified.

I got lots of stuff under $50. Metal, plastic, plastic and metal.

I know a lot of people are going to say dv888. I’m not going to say that one. It’s not that I hate it or anything, I just find it kinda bland. It’s good, solid, a great player. It’s just that, as we all know, preferences are key. It is a fairly standard reference model though, and in those regards, I suppose we should all have one. But, the FHZ is also in that category as well.


I’m asking what throw do YOU think a collector should have in a collection under $50 not which throw ishould I get (not tryin to be rude)

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Re-read my post. It’s the same answer.

What you get or don’t get isn’t my issue. You asked a question. I provided an answer. I geared it towards a COLLECTOR. And again, no two collectors are the same. There is no such thing as “should” have.

You weren’t rude. I got no issue with you. NO worries, no concerns.


Yeah so for you FHZ modded?


So many correct answers, here’s some of my picks which come in less than $50…

YYF NorthStar
YYF ProtoStar
Duncan Raptor
Duncan Echo (Right at $50)
YYJ Dark Magic II
YYJ Trigger

It would never be possible to do an exhaustive list, these are just a few off the top of my head I’m proud to have in my case that came in at $50 or less.


I would think a dv888 would be in there as well.


…don’t want to start an argument here. I have a DV888, I enjoy my DV888. I do. To be honest though, I think my Raptor is a superior throw, I really do. And it’s less expensive.

Oh wait, I guess we’re talking about collecting, not playing. Never mind.


For play: Protostar, Raptor
For collectors: a special/custom Fhz
Just my opinion. If you plan on being a collector you should have a general idea of what you want. There’s so many varieties to collections. You could have a 44clash collection, or one entirely of one company, or entirely blue yoyos. You can also think of a collection as a preference to yourself; as in you prefer yoyojam or you like the color of blue yoyos etc.

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I love my raptor way more than the dv88 ,but I also think that everyone needs at least one fhz ,modded or not.It’s like a piece of history to the yoyoing world.


In my opinion: no point in collecting a yoyo you don’t intend to play!

Every single yoyo in my collection gets played, taken to meets and shared, and enjoyed. There’s no joy in a yoyo sitting in the packaging just looking pretty. It’s fun going to meets and letting kids try expensive stuff of mine that they’d been drooling over and wanting, then finding out for sure if they’d really like it or not. If the kid ends up hating it, the parent should thank me for saving them money. If the kid does end up liking it, the parent should punch me in the face for making the problem worse!

At the same time, I don’t want my stuff getting messed up, so I do take good care of it.

My collection gets played. I don’t just want to have it, I want to play it. Price is merely an number to facilitate commerce.


I think the grind machine is a fun yoyo that should be in collections. It is a cheap hubstack throw so that you can try hubstacks out, but it is still fun to use.


Oh, I agree completely. My only thinking was sometimes rounding out a collection might impact the decision making process in a way that one will choose a different throw even if another is a better player. Did that make any sense?


Protostar :wink:


Lots of good opinions!!


Mostly yes.

Even sticking with the mindset of “what throw that retails for less than $50 should one have in their collection”, there’s so many attitudes and mindsets involved. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of great stuff under $50. It also doesn’t mean I want it all either.

For me, I like CLYW and I like One Drop, two brands I’d like to have all their models because I really enjoy them. I’d really like to get a complete GZR set of One Drops as well of what they are offering.

As far as brands like YYJ, I don’t necessarily want all their models. With YYF, I’ve pretty much got all I want from that brand until the Loop 1080’s drop.

So, just like playing, collecting is also preferences based. There’s no “must have” or “should have”. But I come from a “no point in having it if I don’t intend to use it” point of view. Therefore there’s no right or wrong answers in regards to collecting or playing. I say collect what you like and enjoy. It’s your money, your time, your effort, your energy, so you might as well enjoy it.

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YYJ Classic.

Plays on par with any metal throw out there right now.

Costs only 10 dollars.

Plus comes with a responsive bearing.

Best yoyo out there right now in my opinion.


Stock Freehand Zero and or a Renegade.


Dv888 + Trifecta bearing = BEASTLY combination!! It plays as well as some of my $100+ throws!