Best throw under 80$

Wats the best throw under 80$ any size, weight, just want to know

That depends what you like that costs less than your target number,

The Agape comes to mind as one I really like. Di Base is another. At a $79.99 the ILYY Void is one I’d highly recommend as well. The FIrmy is really nice too. But if you’re into plastics, the Northstar and Protostar can both be had for that kind of money, as well as maybe 2-5 other plastics. Metal and plastics, the Vexed is really impressive, and I like the Hitman Pro and XCon Pro as well. I’m not mentioning the DM2 as you’re probably not wanting one or already have one, but at $45 or so, it’s a really good throw as well.

Those are some that I would definitely recommend in that price range. I don’t really have that much hitting the $80 range. Most of my stuff is either below that or above that. It just worked out that way. I can go from throwing a $17 Starbrite one day and an Arctic Circle the next.

Now, if you want better assistance in finding something, we’d like to know your preferences.

For me, I like full sized yoyos that tend to be 67 grams or heavier, C-sized bearings. I prefer metal, but I have no issue with metal/plastic and plastics. I’m don’t need hubstacks, but it is something I will consider. I prefer yoyos with more of a V-type shape and little to no sidewalls.

Do you have a material preference? There are many throws available in that range in delrin, aluminum, plastic and of course hybrids like the majority of of yyj.

Thanks man

Agape is awesome.

X-ConVict. Hands down.

Darxun said his Yeah3 outplays all his CLYW. The Cappless is incredible also, I like it more then the Code 2.

I gotta agree with this. X-Con Pro is an amazing throw. Find an original X-ConVict though if you can, nothing will ever compare.

OG 4 lyf


That’s the xcon pro, but the og one was dope. Not that this one is not, but it’s still pretty good.