performer for least price?


Is there a throw out there thats not expensive for its good play?I want a throw thats really good but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money.My budget is 30$,are there any suggestions?


Opinions vary. That’s why they are opinions.

Plastics: PSG and Asteroid. Amazing stuff.
Chase is nice. I like it a lot.
Legacy II comes to mind as a favorite as well.
Lyn Fury is nice too, but needs to be siliconed and the bearing replaced, maybe shimmed to reach full unresponsive potential.

Maybe a Magic YoYo if you want to go metal.


I have been impressed by my Magicyoyo T5, lot of fun to throw. Been happy with it, nice addition to my collection.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Chaser by YYJ
is one if the greatest plastics!


Yyf starlight is awesome, its basically a protostar without metal weight rings. Plays fast and floaty and it glows in the dark.

Duncan metal drifter is a great undrrsized metal for cheap. You may want to buy some thin dif pads and clean the bearing to go unresponsive but its worth it imo.