What throw should I get for my brother?

I’m thinking about getting a throw for my little brother this Christmas, but I’m not positive how much he will actually use it. I need a good throw that will do well if he gets really into it, but I don’t want to spend too much money if he hates it. Do y’all have any ideas?

Can’t go wrong with a Dark Magic II if that is within your budget


or get him a yomega brain because like you said you don’t know how much he will use it.

I definitely stand behind the classic as well. Simple construction and durable while maintaining a full size low wall shape. The o-rings don’t require replacement like the duncan counterparts and they’re surprisingly smooth for $10.

Can I suggest a speedaholic as a option as well? Though the classic is good.

Look no further than the Yoyofficer Kilter. Biggest surprise of my life when I first threw it (and I own many far more expensive yoyos). Fast, stable, long spinning, great finish and cheap!

I’ve never played one, but the duncan flip side comes with both a responsive bearing and a konkave for unresponsive play. This would give him room to grow in the hobby if he wished, or keep it basic if he didn’t get really deep into it. And on top of it all, it’s only $20.

The Classic is great but too big for my son. He really enjoys the DV888.

Sorry, after rereading sounds like your brother is a beginner. You should get a plastic for sure. The YYF One is a good choice.