My DAD wants to yoyo!


What should I get him? He said he wanted an un responsive for 1a and a 2a throw (only 1 )

I was thinking maybe a classic (which I already have but that is not a great throw for learning)
or maybe a mgic yoyo. any ideas

and for a 2a I was thinking a loop 360?


Speedaholic if on a tighter budget or Diffusion if wanting to spend a little more. For metals it’s going to depend on the budget.

({RTD} alecto) #3

the yomega firestorm is a good learning yoyo. its one of the best cheaper yoyos i know of its amazing.


why is classic not a good yoyo for learni ng


I started with the classic and I still use it. Lots of color options and upgradable. It’s an instant win. What’s your budget?


Dark magic 2 in his fav color.