A throw for the absolute beginner

Ok so here’s the story bros.

I’m working at my mom’s shop because I lost my shoes so she invites her friend and stuff right?

So then she wants to see my yoyoing skills and she’s extra inpressed so now she wants me to get a yoyo for her 2 year old grandson, she said that she is going to give it to him like a year later or something idk.

So I’ve been looking through cheap throws (The most I can use to buy a yoyo is $20 but I would like to use less than that because of shipping) and I’ve narrowed it down to

-Fast 201
-Velocity (Only if you guys really think I should get it)

Sooo what do you guys think. Do you think these are good or bad choices? (Keep in mind that it should be responsive but still possible to play with) What other throws would you suggest?

Actually, the one is a great yo-yo.

the one, hands down.

One. Period. Don’t even consider anything else.

But I also don’t think a 3 year old and a yoyo is a good fit. I find mine uses it as a weapon to subdue the 8 year old and 5 year old(fortunately not the 1 year old yet). She has a Reflex for the time being. Got a Duncan 2-pack with a Limelight and Mosquito for $10 for her upgrade path.