Any opinions on the YYF Fast 201?


I was thinking of getting one for my friends 8 year old son.


There’s a lot of other stuff I think you should consider instead. Like, the ONE.

YYJ also has some very reasonably priced throws as well, but as I’m not as familiar with them yet. I’m planning to purchase a bunch of these myself soon since they aren’t too expensive, popular and seem to be well received. I can say I recommend the Legacy II, and am planning to purchase the Chaser as well. The other <$20 YYJ plastics I’m looking at I don’t know which ones are best recommended for new players. I’ve got my eye on the Lyn Fury, Kickside and others in that price range. But, I’d recommend going for the more expensive Legacy II.

The DM2 comes highly recommended, and the Legacy II is the all plastic version.

But, we’re also talking about someone $8, so it may be wise to minimize losses at this point and go with a $10 YYF ONE. If they don’t take to it, it’s $10 lost, not a big deal. If they like it, then they can use that for a while since it will grow with them to an extend and you can look at upgrading them to a WHIP or something better((protostar, or the Legacy II or a DM2). The ONE in the 2 bearing package starts them out responsive. When they progress, swap out the bearing and go unresponsive.

You’ll get lots of valid opinions. Read them all before your make your decision. For young starters, I generally recommend the ONE due to price. For people a bit more determined, the Legacy II as the starter. For adults or those who DO want to get into this seriously, the DM2 is the one I recommend.


Yeah, I like the ONE for kids just getting into yoyoing much more than the Fast 201. The response system is much better for both responsive and unresponsive tricks. Also, the Fast 201 is annoyingly loud (which may lead to less practice time if their parents are telling him to stop making so much noise).

Plus you can put pictures in the caps of the ONE which is fun. Can’t do that with the Fast 201.


You know, it’s weird, because I own 2 YYF Ones and I was going to give them (now for 2 kids. Brothers so they both have to have one…) but they are becoming unresponsive! They have the smaller bearings in them too.

So I thought I would get something different from what i’m used to.

The Fast 201 has the 3 settings and seems to be pretty fool proof.

I don’t know, maybe i’ll try to fix the Ones.


You want the fix?

1 drop of thick lube or double loop the string.

For my kids, their ONE’s are their main throws. When they get unresponsive on the thin bearing, a drop of thick lube takes care of the issue. I prefer YoYoJam lubes(I have both thick and thin), but the YYF stuff should world just fine too. I know the YYJ thin breaks down YYJ thick lube. Not sure of YYF lube does the same thing(where thin breaks down thick).

So, try this:
Double loop the string. You’ll know in a minute or not of that’s enough. Sometimes that is too responsive. Need more? Add a drop of thick lube and then single loop the string. Play it for around 5 minutes. Not enough? You can try double looping the string or adding a second drop of thick lube. The odds are that a single drop of thick lube is all you need. Oh, and a fresh string might help too.


Great ideas! I hadn’t thought of the double loop.


I had to take the double loop out because the yoyo became too responsive so my kids couldn’t do Creeper. I used thick lube instead. That seemed to provide the best results.

It’s good to have options though!