The Perfect Throw


First of all, sorry if the title is misleading.

Anyways I’m looking for a throw that’s perfect for learning and handling those hard string tricks that slow the yo-yo down too quickly.

I would like it to be full sized, light weight, and stable. I was looking at the supernova Lite, but I wasn’t sure if it would be too big or not… Also, my price range is $70-$90

Any suggestions?


The DMII is good. The YYF DV888 is also a very good throw.


2.2" isn’t that big. it’s pretty much a standard oversized size.
But in the 70-90 range, there are a lot of options, 99% of which can handle any of the string tricks you throw at them.
haven’t personally played a supernova light, but it’s probably fine for what you’re looking for. If you don’t mind getting used though, there are plenty of great deals on the b/s/t.


I have a Dark Magic, and it’s pretty amazing, but I want something better than that, because I’m getting into more advanced string tricks.


The DM2 is pretty amazing and it can easily handle anything you can throw at it, from beginner through advanced, expert and master, and if you wanted, competition.

Maybe if you’re not getting enough spin time, clean the bearing and run it either dry or lightly lubed with YYJ thin lube or get a Terrapin X Wing-Cut bearing.

Maybe a One Drop Burnside is a good choice to get? I wouldn’t recommend the dv888, although at 66 grams, its go the right kind of weight. a One Drop MMN would be a better option for that shape, but it’s just outside your price bracket and it’s out of stock, but on BST you might be able to get one.


The Burnside isn’t exactly light…


The DM2 isn’t exactly light either, but it will definitely take the OP to where he wants to be.


Yea, the Dark Magic is a little too heavy for me, so I was looking for something along the lines of 60-64 grams


Then that takes the dv888 out of the picture. It’s 66 grams. I was kind of surprised at the weight as I thought it felt lighter. But, we’re talking grams, not ounces!

I think the SuperNova Lite is like around 63 grams, but the specs for dimensions put it around the size of the DM2. So you get the size, full metal and less weight. Using your own suggestion of the SuperNova Lite, I think you hit it right on the head what might be the perfect throw for you. I’m pretty sure it’s pretty stable. It also fits with your budget.


Cool, thanks. It’s funny how you said the title of this thread in your post by the way, haha.


It was intentional.


Yea, that’s why it was funny to me, haha


Good. If I can make one person smile a day, I’ve done my job!


Wow, maybe everyone should try doing that :slight_smile:


ok dm is terrible yoyojam in general are not good yo-yos if u are looking to spend $70-$90 by a yoyofactory supernova lite, yoyofactory super-g or a yoyofactory genesis these are all amazing yo-yos. if you would rather spend around $60 get yuukst dv888 or a nova. any thing yoyofactory is gong to be better than yoyojam even the pocket change.


They must only have bootlegged Yoyojams under this trolls bridge.


looks like we have another fan boy

and in my opinion the supernova lite