What throw is this...


Well I got a ILYY Nile from someone on the B/S/T and he never sent it with the pouch. 3 months later I finally got the Pouch and threw in this throw.

Looks like ILYY Enigma to me…


Candyblasted ILYY Enigma. Looks to be a first release blue version


Well, you lucked out here. It’s definitely an Enigma, pretty good compensation for waiting on a pouch. :smiley:


Oh okay thought so ;D

But I can’t take out take out the axle, I don’t wanna strip it.


If I remember correctly, ILYY glues in the axle… I could be completely wrong on that.


I’ve token it out before, but got stuck again. So couldn’t be glued.


Unless you really wanted a Nile, i would consider yourself very lucky, Engima is one for ILYY’s greatest


I got both the Nile and the Enigma :smiley:


I’m just being curious but, why do you want to take out the axle multiple times?


Well I first realized it had vibe and wasn’t sleeping much. I can tell the bearing needs to be cleaned and response needs to be changed.


i take the throw I use daily apart at least 6-7 times a day for knots, and letting people understand the beating concept


No, I understand taking the yoyo apart as I do it, at least, 50 times per day. I just don’t understand the taking the axle out, unless you just mean you are unscrewing the yoyo.


No I mean like actually trying to take the axle out with pliers.