ILYY Nile v1 Questions.


Hey, I just received a ILYY Nile v1 and have a few questions.

  1. Could anyone give me a link to what bearings I could buy that will fit the Nile from YYE? Because It came with a Kk bearing I’m pretty sure and I’d like to put in a new bearing. (Don’t have the supplies to clean my bearings at the moment.) And I tried putting in a CT bearing but is to small.

  2. How to get the axle out safely? The axle is stuck in One half backwards it looks like so I would like to take it out safely without ruining the Nile.

  1. I thought ILYY only uses 6x13x5(metric) flat bearings. Anyway, Dif-E-Yo makes a KK version and Terrapin X makes a ceramic Wing Cut version. YYE carries the Dif-E-Yo bearing but is out of stock, and they do not carry the Terrapin X bearing. I know where you can get them though. You also might be able to contact ILYY and see if they will sell you a bearing or help you out, if you are interested in the flat bearings that they use. I also know of a website that sells those bearings. I PM’d you with links.

Also, I think Oxygene uses the same bearing. Just putting that out there.

2)I just use a piece of cloth/shirt/sock/etc. and get a gentle grip on the axle with the cloth and very gently twist and loosen the axle so that it can be unscrewed with ease.



The axle is still stuck though! It’s jammed in there.


Putting it in the freezer for about 30 minutes may help. You could try the cloth with pliers, or just pliers, but you may damage your axle. If you use the pliers, clamp down on the axle and twist the yoyo, but like I said, you may damage your axle. Personally, I would just leave it in there unless it effects play. If you damage your axle, you can always buy another one at a hardware store. I’m not sure what size axle it is, but you can just go to the hardware store with your yoyo and try different axles to see what fits. Hope you get it worked out.