What the drop?

Not my collection
Found it on Youtube last Night.
This is apparently his One Drop Collection
It seem’s like his throws are all STORE BOUGHTEN , considering they all have boxes and He does no sell nor Trade.
This is NOT my collection.
This is someone’s One Drop Collection
I would say theirs atleast 5G’s invested in it.
One drop you may have found your #1 Customer

Ugh, not fair. I wish i had that kinda money…

That’s gotta be flyguy.

And if it is, that’s only the tip of the yo-yo iceberg.

and I thought I had a lot of yoyos…

Dang!.. pun intended

Seems like he has almost two of every color and kind. Wow!

I’m not jealous… stupid son of a-
I mean you can only throw one at a time right? Maybe two if you’re exceptional…
Where’s this guy live again? What’s his security like? I only ask for renting purposes. :wink: