Help me identify these mystery throws!

Hello folks, I recently purchased a case of YoYos from a pawn shop. There are a handful that I don’t recognize and I was hoping to take advantage of the YYE hive mind. Obviously the blue and yellow splash is a one drop, I think it may be a Benchmark O but I’m not sure what year. The others have me stumped. I’m assuming some of them are aliexpress no-names (like the polished one with hub stacks) but it’s still worth asking. Happy to provide pictures of guts if necessary. Thanks!

EDIT: I think far left is a TP Houska


Second from left is GenYo Prestige. One of the best performers in the GenYo lineup IMO
Also, that OD has Dietz SEs on it


The pink and gold rimmed throw looks like a Sturm panzer eclipse ogre with fingerspin caps.


Good eyes! I think you’re both spot on

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What a great thrift store haul! How much were all of these?

Like, what are the odds of this? The likelihood that you’d be in the same town as a thrower you don’t know and then you end up at that pawn shop. Great score.


I should clarify that this was an eBay purchase from a pawn shop, so I definitely had better odds than walking in off the street. It wasn’t an insane steal, they definitely knew this was somewhat valuable, but having paid ~$400 with taxes and shipping I still feel like I got a decent bargain, or at least I didn’t lose money.

Here’s a picture of the rest of the case for anyone who is curious:


Edit: oops, forgot this one

A Quake, strawberry splash I think


You got a halo! Nostalgic little delrin for me


Aha! That makes a little more sense. Not nearly as cool though.

But it looks like you got a good deal.