Maybe someone could help w/info


New member and love the sight, total trip down memory lane from my days in the 90s when I use to throw.

I was hoping someone could help me with so info on what I might have stumbled upon. Cleaned out boxes from years ago and don’t remember even buying half the stuff but long story short, one of the boxes was full of SuperYo yoyos. Mix of 5-8 styles and all new. Most still in the clear shrink sleeves and 3 or 4 still in the paper peg board wrapper.

I searched and came across this thread.;prev_next=prev

The box has over 80 in it mostly:
Sonic Spins
A few Renegades
Turbo thread
Triple plays and a few others.

Basically trying to find if there is any market for them and what the value is either individually/groups or as a whole.

I’ll get a count of everything and update the list in a bit but any info will be much appreciated


As far as value goes I’m honestly not sure. By today’s standards those SuperYo throws are pretty outdated SS things have advanced since. I think today they would primarily be collector pieces rather than being used for today’s tricks.


Just realized I had posted the wrong link in my op.

Thanks for the reply AngryGumball, yeah I figured throwing wise they are dinosaurs to what’s out today. Idk why but I love the nostalgia of the older stuff. The box had a few Fireballs to and instantly brought me back standing at the register in 96/97 buying my 1st with all my chore money.


The renegades will sell. I love playing the one I have. Is one of those renegades by chance a glow in the dark one. I’d love to get my hands on one of those gems.


I remember wanting a Renegade for the longest time at the time they were in its prime. My brother has one laying around somewhere that he got from his elementary school during a NED performance. There’s definitely a nostalgia factor behind any of those yoyos from that era.


ahhh, the ned show. the reason i got obse-INTO yoyoing :wink:

i remember the renegade also ::slight_smile:


Sadly none were glowing. I just went and tried every single one. I started a thread in the fs section and slowly adding to the list as I have time.


Noah somebody is calling for you!