Collection Size Poll

I am curious as to collections size.

How many yoyos do you own?

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  • 1-9
  • 10-24
  • 25-49
  • 50-74
  • 75-99
  • 100-149
  • 150-199
  • 200-249
  • 250-299
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  • 400-499
  • 500-599
  • 600-699
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  • 900-999
  • 1000+

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I also posted this in the FBBST, please don’t vote in both for purer results

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Over 9000
Edit: You all have way too many round spinny objects…


Just 1 more!! I just need 1 more, and then I’ll be done! I SWEAR!

What? Leave me alone! I DO NOT have a problem okay?
PFFFT! I could totally stop impulse buying new yos! I’ve got no problems…okay buddy?



9000!!! that is insane!!!

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Welcome to it @twitch77. New throws are definitely an addiction!


Bumping in hopes of more participation :smile:

All of y’all with 50+ are fiends


2 a week!

That’s almost one every other day!


I have been throwing for 5 years. I have been given some, won some, earned some, traded some, and bought some. (I have around 80 total) Most of my purchased ones have cost less than $20 each and I have yet to spend over $50 on a single throw (shipping not incl). In fact I have spent less than $900 on yoyos (accessories not incl).
The trade off is I don’t have many high end throws, or super sought after ones, and most of my collection came to me second hand (which I really don’t mind).

I wouldn’t mind downsizing. I have a handful I would willingly sell but, they just won’t sell right now, at least not at a price that makes it worth it.

My point is that quantity is great and it looks cool when on display, but it’s not the same thing as a quality collection, which to me is a collection of those yoyos that speak to you and seem…magical. I think of the part in Harry Potter where to wand chooses the wizard…there are some yoyos that just choose you, you throw it and you feel your soul nodding in delight.

I also think of “you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince” most of us have to try a lot of yoyos to find those soul pleasers. I just wish the resale market would pick back up to keep things fresh for everyone.

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I feel guilty when I have yoyos that I don’t throw. I feel they are made for playing and not to sit on a shelf.

That’s why I purposely limit my collection to about 12-15 throws.

If time goes buy and I realize I do t throw one of them, I get rid of it.

I used to have all these fancy yo-yos that sat on a shelf while I played cheap bangers. Now my current EDC is a Draupnir Overdrive


I personally don’t see prices going up. Since yoyos have gotten cheaper and production had improved there are too many good yoyos for them all to keep their value. Only sought after brands and yoyos that are truly special will hold value over time.

I keep my collection relatively small. I have a case that holds 14 and limit myself to that. Well at least for metals. There are a few cheap plastics floating around the house. With that though I have mostly sought after yoyos that will hold their value. If I ever am done with that yoyo i can get at least most of my money back.


It’s not prices going up exactly. Me personally, a used yoyo with no damage should be worth around 65-75% of the retail vale. I have tried to sell some that I can’t even get people to pay 50%. So even when super cheap, it’s like everyone is holding out for the next new, super hyped throw. Not that there is anything wrong with that exactly, it’s just that like 2 years ago, if it was a good throw at a reasonable price, you could sell or trade it to get that next new-to-you throw. Meaning you could swap out throws and try more things, to build a more suited collection.

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I think that as yoyos have gotten cheaper the market has become saturated. When all metals where 70-100+ people had fewer metals so they held value better. 50 percent is pretty standard value for used products. Just because you think something should be worth something doesn’t mean it is. The market decides prices. On the flip you can purchase yoyos for cheaper. So trading value shouldn’t of gone down.
Yyf’s will almost always go down fast and boutique like a-rt and g2 will hold value better. Supply and demand at work.


Also doesn’t help the fact that bundles exist on the BST - crazy bundles for little to no money creates a benchmark for most non-boutique throws to be marked down drastically.

G2 and A/RT def got that limited run hype on them - that’s why they always resell for nearly retail


I’d have to double check to make sure I’m in the 75-100 category, but I’m easily over 50. I’ve bought/traded a lot more than I currently have. I’ve spent too much money on these things for sure, there’s no arguing that lol, but I definitely recoup a lot of my spend through selling or forgo spending at all through trades.

I try to comb through the collection regularly and pick out the ones that I don’t feel add any “value” to my collection by way of rarity, uniqueness, or nostalgia, but over the course of 8 years, even the remainder ends up being quite a bit. :upside_down_face:

Edit: I’d also add that some of my throws, such as YYFs and other budget friendly brands, may not add much in the way of uniqueness or rarity to my collection, but I enjoy them and the ability to throw them on occasion is worth a lot more to me than their dismal resale value, so I keep them around. :+1:t2:


Count how many I have? Sheesh…….how much time do you think I have? I have things to do. If it helps, at night instead of counting sheep I count yoyos that I own. I always fall asleep before…zzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzz. :sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:


If this is was asking how many I’ve owned, not how many I currently own it would probably be over 100. I did a lot of trading back in the day and sold off most of my collection when i stopped last time.


I’m only at 11 throws as of now, but I’ve started selling some of my other hobbies off to pay for yo-yos lol! For example, I just sold this knife I’ve had for 3 years to pay for my last purchase!


I agree that the market is a bit saturated. Not that I wish anyone would stop making new throws.

I feel I failed to convey my point. I am not upset at what most used yoyos sell for exactly, I for one always love to find a goo deal… it’s more that even when you come way down (to 50% or less) on the price, they still sit unsold.

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Bumping again.

This is what I’ve noticed.

You can buy yoyos you don’t really want for really cheap.

The yoyos you do want? You can still get them for a pretty good deal for the most part. Let’s say you get a $90 yoyo for $60.

But how about when you want to sell that yoyo? You probably won’t be able to sell it for more than $40.

Why is this? It’s because nobody else wants that yoyo, it was just you, so you were willing to pay a little more for it. But when you try to sell it nobody wants it, so you have to sell it for a stupid price to someone that doesn’t actually want it, they just want the ridiculous deal.

That probably didn’t make sense but yeah :joy: I guess the point is it’s a lot harder to find people that actually want the yoyos you sell nowadays

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