My yoyo collection


Hello everyone, just wanted to show my collection off. its not big or great compared to a lot of collections but it has only been a few months of collecting for me and i think its looking good so far. I found my old Yomega Fireball Saber Wings in my room when I started to pack for college and then started collecting again. I just ordered a One Drop 54 so that should be here soon, I cant wait for it but no matter how many yo-yos i end up with my Saber Wings will be my favorite because I have had them since I was 6, and thats about 16 years now and they still throw like the day I got them.

Let me know what you think of my collection and if you have any suggestions on a new throw let me know because i’m looking for new throws in the metal category.


Don’t mean to be picky but this should be in the display collection thread. Thanks :slight_smile: glad to see your getting back into yoyoing. And almost all metals will be a good addition to your collection. It’s all preferences though.


I’m new to this forum man, but ill keep that in mind next time.


I would like to make a comment on your lovely yoyo collection.

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TGOD is my flesh and blood brother so everything i said was only in good joking faith. cause he is a broke college kid and i’m a little bit more established in life


Get a chief. New run comes out wednesday. You won’t be disappointed. Also you could get a positron.


If you’ve got the One Drop 54 coming in, maybe order something else from One Drop with side effects so you can mix and match a bit. The Cascade is pretty damn awesome.



No one thinks about String Theory BUT if you ever get the chance to get an Orion do it. It’s one of the best yoyo’s I’ve thrown in a LOOONG time. Gets my vote as being one of the best yoyo’s out there to date.


I completely agree the orion is an amazing throw also check out the bandit and remnant 2 they are also fine throws. If you want to save money check out the duncan echo or the C3yoyodesign yeah3 for a different shape


String Theory is definitely an amazing, underrated company. I have the Remnant and the Quark. They’re two of my favorite yoyos. Th Orion looks great. I really want to try the Remnant 2 and the Lotus. If you look on the BST you can find them some of their yoyos for pretty cheap.