What the Charles Dickens?

Just some random nonsense. Need to clean my bearings.

Curious as to what you are using for camera angle in around :45, and the overhead views.

Nice! (fun too)

Those twisting suicide GT lasso things, though…!

Fun video! Thanks for sharing.

I mostly used my Galaxy S3. I have a piece of bamboo that I weigh/clamp down. Then my phone just sits face down on top over the edge just enough for the lense to clear the edge for most of my overhead shots.

At 45s however I am using a Sanyo Xacti PD2. I only get about 15 minutes out of new batteries so I don’t use it much as I get just over 5 min with the current old batteries. The Xacti captures at 60fps though whereas my phone does not. At 60fps the yoyo splash really shows up distinctly instead of just a blurry mess and I wanted to capture that effect. The gorilla tripod also allows for a better angle.

EDIT: Took a picture of the setup.

Thanks fellas!