Tsukasa Takatsu New Video!!

In a certain industrial area
Player : Tsukasa Takatsu
Yoyos : Cafe Racer / onedropyoyos
Song : Surfin / Memory Cassette

Filmed & Edited by Tsukasa Takatsu
Camera : Gopro Hero3+ Black Edition

Great video. Tricks were the opposite of ordinary. How do you get so many camera angles?

Do you shoot each trick at each different angle or have multiple cameras?

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Impeccable as always.

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Just incredible. The chopstick king.

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Thank you everyone for your comments.

I have multiple cameras.(Nikon D5100,Canon Handycam, Gopro)
However, this video was taken by shooting more than once in a single camera(Gopro).
And therefore, Many times I did the same behavior.Lol
In addition, do not use a tripod and Assistant to the shooting, I have fixed the camera with a Gopro clip.