My new video! Please check it out!


Please check this out! It is a video of me made by Peyton Peltier! Thanks Peyton!!!

By the way, in the video I purposely didn’t do well. It was part of the whole mini movie. I started to slowly progress.


Love it!

(laxdude99) #3

whoever is on the camera deserves mad props


thats some amazing camera work


awesome camera work! and awesome skills! i love it!


What kinda tri-pod did you use!!!


i think someone is filming…


that was great!


That’s one of the best yoyo vids I’ve seen in a while. Great skills and fantastic camera work/editing. Re-posting this on my Facebook page and twitter =D



Well, if you go to the video actually on youtube, the description tells you all the specs. I know that he used a Glide Cam 2000 though!

(Jerrod) #11



that camera work was fantastic!

(Owen) #13

haha you kinda look like Chase Baxter

Cbaxt98 on here

Awesome camera work, and good yoyoing.


wow impressive i wish i could make a video like that


Thanks Abby!


the camera work was great, but i couldn’t see any of the yoyoing because of the camera work. make a stationary video, so we can actually everything.