What equipment and sw used?

Was just wondering. What camera, phone or anything do you guys use to record with as well as what software you’re using to make your vids?

I’ve dabbled with my digital camera but I’ve noticed that when I play fast, it doesn’t seem to catch as much of the frames unless I use my iPad mini. Also what software since I’ve never really tinkered with any.

Wanted to hopefully make something as well as keep a vid diary of certain tricks I’m working on or combos but can’t seem to finish it in a day. ;D

If you want less motion blur try making the video outside, or using more/brighter lights. That should make a difference on how easy it is to see your faster tricks. as for the camera, I personally use and like the Canon t3i but it’s expensive.

I use a nikon d3300, a slik tripod and final cut pro.