hotel.hallway w/ bonus combo video!

Hope everybody had a great Christmas!  Went on a vacation with the family and shot a few things while waiting for them to get ready for breakfast.


Yoyo: YYF | Northstar
String: YoYoStringLab | Type X
Song: Blue Scholars | Loyalty (Instrumental)

And I’m lookin at getting a new camera if anybody wants to suggest anything, the one I use (Sony Bloggie) is pretty good for how much I paid for it, but the auto focus is getting annoying.

Thanks for watching!

Bonus Combo Video!

Nice. I always enjoy watching your flow.

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If you have the cash get a Canon t3i, but otherwise get a canon digital that records HD. They upload to YouTube in 1080 and you can hook them up to a tripod.

Smoooooth video.
Clouds Clouds Yoyo

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Yeah, I was thinking of just saving up for a DSLR. My camera actually records 1080p as well, I just record in 720 because recording in 1080p limits me to 30fps. I think for my next vid I’ll try 1080 and see how it goes. The only thing that really bothers me is the auto-focus- I can’t turn it off/focus manually/force focus so it likes to focus on different things, especially when there’s movement.

And thanks for watching! I’ve actually seen your stuff before, you’re super smooth yourself.