how do i get this crisp of a picture?!?1


okay so i have asked the owner of the channel, but no response. anyone have tips? ive never seen this good of an image for a yoyo video its just amazing… i need to be able to do this!!! please help D=


A decent camera that’s properly focused, really.



Yup. With the depth of field there, it’s likely to be a DSLR with video capabilities. MAYBE a micro-4/3 interchangeable lens camera.

Without being scientific about it and verifying this, it looks to be shot with 24 frames-per-second, which is fewer frames than typical camcorders but is actually the standard for most cinema.


Get a Canon rebel t3i and a 50mm 1.4 lens. :smiley: Happy spending! jk
Yah I’d get a decent camera. a good lens is also a must. I suggest the camera above ^
It works for me.
If you don’t want to spend the $$$$$ then you’ll have to either find a used model or be content with what you got. :smiley:


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WOW! That is some of the coolest tech I’ve ever seen.