my tfl came today ( awesomwe) but all my string sucks in like 1 hr i look at my string and it has atleast 5 nots, it always has string tension so whenever i do tricks that envolve giving slack i cant do because it just tangles up. I use two different strings i have slick 6 strings and just some orange string i got off of yoyosam. i need help what good string do you guys use? I play 1a also, please help!!!


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Are you fixing the string tension at least sometimes? It’s probably not the string’s problem.

yes all the time but even when i fix the string tension after a minumum of 2 throws it starts back up

How old is the string?

because of this i have to replace the string like 1 time a day even more, i bought these strings about 3 weeks ago

well considering how new the strings are it may just be the type of string and what the material of the string is…if you want something nice that lasts more than 2 throws i might suggest highlights or some Gstring.

Try Alchemy string you can buy them on yoyoguy.I use it and it hold very good tension.There’s nothing you can do about knots except take then out.

Not sure how you keep getting knots though.

Are you fixing the string tension completely, and then do you end up getting the yoyo back to your hand each time?

…and depending on how much you play with it, changing one string a day is pretty good. I suggest Highlights sold over at YYN. Now, you also said you get knots in your string, do you ever undo the knots? If you don’t then that, I assure you, your lack of maintenance is causing your problems, when you get a knot in the yoyo it is like a really tight pinch, so it does not allow the tension to be adjusted, so if you get 4 or 5 knots in one string and you don’t take them out, it is a no brainer, if you don’t want to undo knots all day just change the string every time you knot it, otherwise undo them.

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