What string length do you use for 1a?

  • <100cm
  • 100-110cm
  • 111-120cm
  • 121-130cm
  • 131-140cm
  • 141-150cm
  • 151cm+
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I normally use a string about 21 miles long.

That way I can yo from work.

If I yo at night, I use a light up yo-yo and a telescope.


A lot of data can be referenced from this thread


Had to convert some American units to get here. It’s like 2 1/2 large bald eagles in American units.


Okay so I measured and I got 1a setups I use with string lengths from 90-122 cm. I like variety and different yoyos like different string lengths bc I play them differently. I don’t know tho, I feel like I don’t fit the norm with this practice. Ooo well works for me tho!


Someone did a thing on this awhile ago and put all the numbers together. It’s been awhile though. Last time I checked I think I used around 106cm but I been messing around trying longer and then going back to shorter again. Some tricks are easier longer for me but I like shorter strings overall.

Heres from the last one with 25 responses:

“The highest number was 160cm (63”) and the lowest was 97cm (~38"). I did exclude the 160 cm from the calculations as a very long outlier and used their other response of 150cm in the averages.
The mean was 113.71cm (44.5") and the median was 115cm (45.3")"


Wow that’s lower than I expected tbh. I feel like everyone uses really long string nowadays. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if forum data skews a bit lower though.

Thanks for the info!


Okay after using longer string at meet ups seeing this thread and experimenting a bit on my own I now find my shorter setups restricting… I was very content with my short string and now I’m migrating closer to 120cm in some throws.

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