What string are you using today?

Just thought i would post this, to hear what people like.

Modman10’s jackolopes. its a string that he tried out, didn’t like it, i loved it, so he makes it for me! ;D

Post away!


modman10’s annialators


No string, AKA 6A

shouldn’t this be in general

Beyond 42 Strings Marvins

Kitty neon normals

Yysl 2

Yeah, I thought of that after I posted this.
Jackolopes again.

No one use YYE???

YYE 100% Poly orange.

Hmmm… Kitty, epic, yye, and toxic.

ppkitty nylon and twisted kevlar!

white gold

white normal kitty

Giving yysl type x a try for the first time this weekend. First impression…wow.

Did anybody try yoyo string lab ammo?