The string thread!

Talk about anything string related!

Im into yysl type 2 and Kitty nylons. I have never made my own yoyo sting before.

Still have Kitty String in the very first packaging. Had Kitty String before American manufacturers started selling it. Had to get my brothers hook me up with 2 100 packs when they visited the Philippines. Dope.

But I personally don’t change string that often due to laziness. I don’t do a lot of slack tricks so super bad string is still ‘good’ for me :]

btw, the poll is basically pointless. mods, you know what to do.

They sell Kitty in the Phillipiines? My cousin went and I asked him to pick me some up and he said that no retailers had any.

I just wanted to add a question is people preferred yysl type 2 or type x. Ill change the poll once in a while to ask people string preferences, just for fun.

Kitty String is originated and manufactured in the Philippines. Owned and operated by someone who lives in the Philippines. My brothers bought it straight from Hiro Koba. No middlemen, all profit goes to him.

I make my own string. Love fat kitty and BG1s tho. Haven’t true YYSL Type X though. Is it really that good?

I just use my own string haha, it fits my style really well

I don’t see the huge appeal to it. It’s decent and pretty whippy, but seems to get old fast for me.

I’d much rather use Toxic Strings or a basic poly.

YYSL Type X all the way!

And yes, I think so. If you like fat kitty, I think you’ll like Type X or Ammo.

Ammo and Type X are my favorite but I still love the feel of some new Kitty String.

Current favorites are the Toxic BG1 Yellow Jackets, and the yellow YYSL ammo I got at cal states. I should have bought two tubes!

BYYS Panther string has been VERY good to me lately on my DANG.

Im selling apparel made out of yoyo string to help save up money for my court fine so i dont go back to jail. Link is in my sig.

I started with yoyonation highlights, it wasnt until i got some yoyogstring that i realized how short highlights were lolol like made for little people. Matt just hooked me up with a tester pack of his string and im excited to try em out! I still have yet to try some Bigyoyo string.

While i was serving my time i got in a fight and i got sent to solitary confinement for my last 3 months. It was in that cell where Jailhouseyoyostrings was created hahaha the correction officers kept wondering where all my sheets were disappearing to lolol little did they know I was making yoyo string with a paperclip and a tube of toothpaste hahahaa. I actually found an old used one and tied it around my wrist to remind me of that difficult time, to keep me on track. Supbrehh you remember those strings!!!

Right now, i have neon yellow kittys and i like them, they could handle tension better but its easy to fix tension all i do now is a regen from a breakaway throw so that the yoyo spins in the other direction then i do that little swingin motion to cast the throw infront of me and the string does that swirly thing and bammm!! i can go from twisted up to landing suicides in 6 seconds hahahaa :slight_smile:

Beyond 42 Marvins, of course I have the luxury of just whipping up what ever kind of string I feel like. Marvins are nylon/soft poly blend.

Epic string type E and type P are my favorites.

I love trying out different kinds of string.

My favorite maker of string is Toxic, hands down, without a doubt #1. I’ve loved every string I’ve tried. My favorite string ever at this point is Mack Finley’s Signature Toxic Great Whites. Amazing string. BG Yellow Jackets are awesome. Jake Gross’ Snakes are awesome. Mark Montgomery’s Dragon’s are very nice. Even the original Toxic are great. I haven’t tried their basics yet, but hope to when I see they are in-stock.

I’ve used basic Kitty string and was not a fan at all. Wore out very quickly, didn’t hold tension very well at all, just a very poor string in my opinion. I haven’t tried their other string yet, but would like to. What Kitty string is good for those who love whips and slacks?

Anything from YoyoGString is gonna be quality. I love the BNC (Bounce) format and Noly (polyester/nylon hybrid). They have many other great formulas too.

Chaos makes the best Nylon string, if you can find it. I’ve got a few if anyone is interested in trading strings.

I would love to try Yoyo String Lab, and Twisted Strings.

Uhh, I use YYE 100% poly :).