What sports do you play

I know its unrelated to yoyos but i just want to know i play…,
And yoyoing if its considered a sport

Already thread about this kinda stuff. Its just further down the first page. :slight_smile:

Not totally true…

He’s focusing on what you play.
It seems the other one focuses more on favorite teams.

That makes sense.
Btw I play pretty all sports just fro fun and basketball semi-competitively. :slight_smile:

I used to play soccer, but my knees are pretty wrecked up from years of abuse. So, I’m not really into sports anymore.

Played baseball for a couple of years. Just wasn’t really into it. I was good, just didn’t enjoy it.

I don’t even watch sports on TV.

If I had the room, I’d go back to archery. However, shooting 30 feet isn’t a challenge. I prefer more like 50 meters with my recurve. I ain’t into long bows or compound bows.

I played highschool football, golf, and I was a sprinter/hurdler/longjumper on track and field. I also like to cycle, and have been in a few races/charity rides. I’ve pretty much dabbled a little in a good amount of sports though. Archery, skating, bmx, aggressive inline, tennis, baseball, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. If you count driving (like autocross, not just cruising around town), airsoft, and paintball, those too.

I play basketball and used to play football. I start highschool ball on Tuesday.