Favorite Sports?

Favorite sport? Team? What do you play?

Detroit Sports! Go Red Wings and Tigers!

As a fellow michiganian (I thinks that’s the right word) I love hockey too, but I’m torn between the Red Wings and the Islanders (Nabby). I’m also a disc golfer

Football: NFL: Falcons
NCAA: Georgia Bulldawgs

I just like watching rugby

I am terrible at soccer but I still play with my friends

And I do archery and football

NHL hockey… Go SENS… er… go?.. next year. :frowning:

In terms of participating, I guess kickboxing is about the only thing I can honestly say I am doing right now. I did a mega cycling trip one year, but I haven’t kept up as a “cyclist”.

the last 2 seasons for the sens have been quite well.

Sport to watch, football (American). Don’t really have a favorite team. I do cycling but not competitively. I love to play football but the games and practices cut into church and family time.

To watch:
American Football: Bears, Eagles
Hockey: Flyers
College BBall: Illinois
Soccer: Portland Timbers

Play: Soccer. I also referee Soccer.
Since my kids are playing Lacrosse, I find myself putting on the pads and playing that a bit too. I think they like a sport they can slash Dad with a stick; and get away with it. :slight_smile:

Sport: Skiing

Athlete: Tanner Hall

Set up: Armada 2006 T-halls 176, Marker Jester bindings, Salomon boots.


Seattle Sounders ftw.

Favorite sports are in this order:

Boxing, the sweet science. (Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Pernell Whitaker). And I don’t mean any of that UFC stuff either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basketball second. The Boston Celtics of course. :slight_smile:

I sometimes enjoy watching tennis, track & field, or a strongman competition, when I can find it.

NHL Hockey
New Jersey Devils
The only sport I play these days is tennis. I used to play street hockey with friends. Good times…

Favorite Sports: Basketball, Football, Baseball, Boxing and UFC (MMA)

Team: Miami Heat

What I Play: Basketball (Competitively), Football (For fun), Baseball (For fun)

I love to watch baseball (go Giants!!).

And I like to play basketball.

Professional chip eating.

Baseball (Go Braves!!!)

Football (Go Lions and Cowboys!!!)

And i play baseball…oh and some tennis for fun…

Forgot to put this

Tennis! I can’t be the only one

I love tennis…

I like swim team do it every summer except this one stupid summer school… I used to like Michael phelps before he retired. I he’s a nice dude met him from swim team. He holds the record from his division at one of the teams we go against that makes us so evenly matched.
Oh and I also like smallbore rifle, air rifle, and archery

Airsoft counts as a sport doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: