So I’m pumped that hockey’s back! what’s you’re favorite team?

Mine’s the Nashville Predators, for sure.

Flyers :smiley:

both our teams are off to a crappy start haha… the preds might pull through tonight.

I like the Sharks…
I’m not a big fan, though…

Senators, naturally.

Doing a Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey League with 11 work colleagues, too. My fantasy team isn’t off to a good start. :wink:

considering I live in la, any team other than the kings just wouldn’t make sense. :wink:
not off to the best start though :confused:


yeah man!

my preds just beat you last night :wink: and the time before muhaha


Penguins and Bruins baby.

(this is the one I really was looking for)

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sharks and wild are good.